Outings with Your Baby: Can We Avoid the Germs, Please?

strollers on the mall 2Taking your infant shopping or on a day adventure may seem like a challenging undertaking when you try to remember everything that they’ll need for the day. However, the right baby gear can make for a pleasant excursion for both you and your infant, so you want to take note of the following essential tips.

Changing Mat
Finding a germ-free environment to change your infant can be difficult when you’re out and about. Changing mats are ideal for shopping excursions, trips to grandma’s and any public place. Use of a changing mat when on the go can create a germ-free layer to an area you might need to lay baby down for changing time.

Washable Play Yard
A washable play yard (like pack’n play) is not only an essential place to change your infant, with all of it’s attachable options, but it is easy to transport and can make the ideal spot to take a break and lay your infant down for a quick nap. When an all day shopping spree or adventure is in order, a familiar play yard is perfect for your baby to take a nap while you rest and relax under the shade at a local park and enjoy the day. Taking this break promotes nap time for baby but also a less stressful trip when on the go and a germ free environment from others.

Organic Blanket
Depending on the season, shopping establishments and other locations can run cool, so you want to ensure that your infant is properly protected and warm. Organic blankets are made out of 100 percent certified cotton and come pre-washed. No harmful dyes or chemicals are used when making the product, so it’s safe for your infant to snuggle with their favorite blanket.

Teething Toys
You’ll want to keep your infant occupied with safe toys while you shop or venture out for the day, especially if they become cranky from teething. However, many of the teething rings today are filled with chemicals and dyes. Eco-friendly teething toys are designed with your baby in mind, and they are constructed out of materials that are safe for your baby to place in their mouth. Keeping these toys germ free can be easily done by using toy wipes, designed and safe for teething babies, that can be found at any department or grocery store today.

Cosy NapInfant Sling
A stroller is handy for transporting your infant around a busy mall or public area, but it can be less personal during times of strife. When your baby gets difficult and needs to be soothed, a baby sling can provide comfort and reassurance when draped close to your heart. The carriers are made out of safe and clean cottons and are soft to their sensitive skin. These also are washable, promoting a germ-free environment. It also allows you some hands-free time to peruse the sales racks when shopping.

A simple trip to the grocery store or local retail establishment with your infant shouldn’t cause you to break out in a cold sweat. By remembering the above germ-free and organic items, you’re sure to be kind to Mother Earth and keep your infant entertained and happy for hours.

Lisa Coleman is a blogger from Atlanta, GA, who, thanks to her children, takes a keen interest in going green. Kids II provides environmentally responsible products such as a washable play yard (like pack’n play) which can be transported and sanitized easily.

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sadsnaps/3815444437/, https://www.flickr.com/photos/frielp/4134009454/


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