Outdoor Activities to Do With Family This Summer

The temperatures are rising, which means more opportunities to get out of the house and be active! These summer months are a great time to spend with family, and sometimes, barbecues and beach outings leave you wanting more fun. Here are some outdoor activities to do with the family this summer for those feeling adventurous.

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Go on a Family Hike

Hikes are perfect opportunities to spend time with family and bond with nature. Plan your hiking adventure ahead of time by creating a checklist of everything you’ll need. You can select more accessible routes if you’re traveling with younger ones or adults new to this activity.

Go Camping

Bring on the tents and sleeping bags! Plan to camp in the backyard or at a local campsite if you’d like to invite more family members. You can bird-watch during the day and roast marshmallows around a campfire during the night. As they say, the more guests, the merrier!

Pack a Family Picnic

family outdoor activities

Are you planning a family cookout but dreading the clean-up after the party? Take the barbecue to-go! Get the family together and schedule a picnic at a neighboring park. You’ll enjoy catching up with everyone without having to squeeze everyone into your home or backyard.

Explore Your Area

Get adventurous as you explore neighboring towns and cities. Check out local historic landmarks, appreciate skylines, and even patron a farmers market for seasonal produce and unique treats.

Plan a Family Tournament

For fans of the Olympic games, you can bring the games closer to home by setting up a summer family tournament. Fill the tournament itinerary with obstacle courses and challenges that are as creative or extreme as you want them. And be sure to have those medals ready for the closing ceremony!

Movie Under the Stars

With the help of a white sheet and a projector, you and your family can watch movies outside! Just stretch the sheet across a shed or fence, and you’ll have the perfect setup. Bring air mattresses and cushions as seating, and don’t forget the popcorn.

So little time and so much to plan! These outdoor activities to do with the family this summer are fantastic for groups of all sizes and are sure to fill your break with unforgettable memories.


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