Negative Impacts of Not Cleaning Your Fridge

Your refrigerator is the lifeblood of your kitchen, and you need to keep it as clean as possible. Neglecting it can actually risk both the integrity of your food and your own health and well-being. Continue reading to learn more about the negative impacts of not cleaning your fridge.

You’re Inviting Harmful Microorganisms Into Your Food

Nobody wants to have to scrub the various spills and leaks from food and drinks inside their refrigerator. However, when your fridge features grime and gunk, it can serve as a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria like salmonella, listeria, and E. coli. And as the old saying goes, one bad apple spoils the bunch. Before you know it, the bacteria will start to contaminate all your food.

Too Much Clutter Is a Bad Thing

Air needs to circulate effectively inside your fridge to keep your food cold and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Overstuffing the inside with food can result in a logjam and cause the environment to be cool unequally. Furthermore, when you fill your fridge up, you can lose track of what’s fresh and what isn’t.

Dirt Outside Your Fridge Can Be Harmful Too

Your condenser coils located on the back of your fridge are responsible for keeping your fridge cool. Unfortunately, these coils are also a magnet for dust, which can trap heat and cause health problems. Wipe these parts down periodically to keep your fridge running like it should and prevent an incursion of dust mites.

How To Keep Your Fridge Clean

Every three months, you should perform a thorough deep cleaning of your fridge. Take everything out, including food and drawers, and scrub it all down with soap and water. Between deep-cleaning sessions, try to take care of any spills you notice as soon as possible.

Hopefully, understanding the negative impacts of not cleaning your fridge will motivate you to make any necessary changes. When you keep your refrigerator clean, you can preserve your fresh foods longer and keep your family safe from harmful bacteria. Now is the perfect time to start this very beneficial habit.

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