International Foodie Destinations: Crepes In Canada

high quality eggs in canada


Turn To Canada For World Class Crepes

So what really goes into a Crepe? Well there are plenty of websites out there with ingredients and toppings that range from strawberries to even chocolate or nutella its not-so-distant relative. Truly though, at the heart of most great breakfasts, just like an omelette, there are Eggs to thank for delicious meals. How do we know that Canada has some great Eggs? Well just watch this video to see how the Canadian Egg Farmers believe they care about their eggs and some of their nutritional partners such as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Trust only the best eggs for you and your family and don’t forget to go out and get some today, even if they are special Canadian Eggs to have with your non Canadian Bacon. Just having some fun here, anyways all of our Happy Healthy people out there we hope that you will start to introduce more eggs into your diet if you are not eating them already as they are not only healthy but a practical and delicious alternative to other meals like pancakes which may pack a little higher of a carb load onto you even if it still involves eggs or has them on the side.

Watch this featured video from the Egg Farmers of Canada to see how well your eggs would be treated should you go to Canada and enjoy a Crepe!


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