Improving Sexual Health in Men through Exercise and Preventing Genital Problems

Men are very particular about sexual health because they wanted to become very masculine. In regard to health, sexual health is one of the special areas they pay particular attention to. Sexual health is always the focus of men trying to improve their health. Most men try commercial pills or herbs in order to improve their sexualities, but little know about the role of exercise in maintaining sexual health and maintaining libido. There have been a lot of products that were advertised from coffee to tablets to herbal preparations. Exercise as everybody knows is very important in the functioning of the body. Likewise, it is also important in maintaining one’s sexual health especially in men. Here are the most important roles of exercise in men’s health and how this prevents genital problems in men:

Exercise relaxes men

Exercise is a very effective stress reduction activity that allows the physical as well as the psychological dimensions of men be relaxed. Because of this, there is improved sexual functioning because of improved orgasm. Stress has been an important indicator of poor libido because of psychological stress that men experience.

Exercise improves stamina

Most of the sexual pills marketed focus on increasing the stamina of men in order to function more effectively during sexual encounters. Stamina also allows men to maintain that masculinity.

Exercise prevents infections

Exercise also prevents various forms of genital infections because of improved circulation of blood for tissue healing. This is especially important for men who have Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans or the inflammation of the glans penis. Because of improved circulation there is faster rate of healing in the inflamed glans penis thereby preventing further infection.

Exercise improves circulation

Exercise is very essential in maintaining good circulation because the normal dilatation and constriction of the blood vessels are maintained. When the circulation is maintained, there is improved circulation in the genitals, thereby preventing sexual impotencies. It also prevents priapism or the prolonged painful erection because it establishes the normal dilatation and constriction of the veins.  When priapism happens, there is increased tendency for necrosis or possible penile fracture during sexual intercourse because of over contraction of the corpus cavernosum in the penis.

Exercise prevents diseases such as diabetes and hypertension

The presence of diabetes and hypertension are potential causes of impotency because of the pathophysiological mechanism that reduces blood flow to the penis. These diseases also allow for the intake of beta blockers as an anti-hypertensive drug. Beta blockers produce side-effects of impotency because of blocking the action of the beta receptors in the erection of the penis.

These various benefits of exercise in improving sexual health provide a natural and non-expensive way for men to improve their sexual functioning. Exercise has never been so effective in maintaining overall health of men and women. Men are encouraged to exercise or work out at least 30 minutes per day.

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