How to Move Your Treadmill Safely

When your treadmill arrived in kit form, it took you a complete coffee break just to read the instruction manual. With the help of a friend, you spent the next three or four hours putting it all together. Now that you’re moving home, will you take the treadmill apart or will you ask your professional movers to help move your bulky equipment safely?

dog on treadmill

While a treadmill isn’t the largest item in your home, it is potentially one of the heaviest. Even a king-sized bed is easier to pick up and move compared to a full-size treadmill.

Whether you are moving your home contents yourself or you have taken the sensible decision to employ professional movers, it is worth checking that the people moving your household goods have moved a treadmill before. If they haven’t physically moved a treadmill in the past, there is plenty of good advice you can pass over to them.

Moving bulky equipment

Keeping your treadmill on the ground floor of your property will make the task much easier because trying to move such a bulky piece of equipment down a flight of stairs is a problematic task. Moving your marathon practice equipment without full care and attention could result in injury to the people involved and potential damage to the treadmill itself.

It goes without saying that you should unplug the treadmill before you try to move it. Nevertheless, people often neglect the most obvious first action and in this case, could result in the wiring being pulled clean out of the treadmill which will present you with a much bigger problem than just moving it to its new location.

The treadmill’s safety key should be removed and safely stored away. If you are confident that no one else will have access to your household goods during transit, you could tape the safety key to your treadmill so you can be satisfied that the two will arrive together. Without your safety key, your fitness training will go downhill rapidly.

Start by folding your treadmill

There is always the option of picking up the treadmill and moving it exactly as it is, but this will expose and potentially damage the joint between the running track and the main housing which holds the computer information and motor. Most treadmills are designed to be moved very short distances, but only after you have folded up the machinery into a compact size, where the joints will not be stretched.

Once the treadmill is in an upright position two very strong people may be able to pick it up carefully from the ground by keeping their back straight and bending their knees. The process may become easier if three or four people are involved, but that might cause complications when it’s time to negotiate the stairs.

By folding the treadmill, it will pass through most doorways, with very little to spare. It will be a slow process, but it will be well worth taking the extra time to ensure it arrives in good condition. If you have to take the treadmill apart to be able to move it from your property into your new home, be sure to keep the original instruction manual at hand so that you can complete the installation with moderate ease.

The advantage of using a professional moving company is that they will use the necessary equipment to be able to move this bulky exercise item safely, quickly and efficiently.

Sharon writes for Removal Services Scotland, specialists in house removals.

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