How To Keep Asthma From Interfering With Your Life

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from asthma. Your symptoms may interfere with your days sometimes, but you can take back control and live a happy and healthy life while managing your asthma. But how do you keep asthma from interfering with your life on a regular basis? Check out these pointers below.

Use Your Inhaler

Depending on the type of inhaler you have, you may need to use it every day. Some are designed for emergencies, while others give you a steady dose of medication when you take it daily. If a doctor prescribes you a medication, don’t forget to take it! If you’ve got an everyday inhaler, use it even on days when your symptoms aren’t bothering you.

Exercise Effectively

Exercise and asthma seem like a risky combination, but you need to exercise regularly to improve your breathing muscles and keep yourself healthy overall. When you work out, take extra time to warm up properly. If you feel your symptoms flaring up, skip the gym and go back on a day when you’re feeling better. Work out regularly, listen to your body when it tells you to stop, and always keep your rescue inhaler on hand.

Live Smoke-Free

No judgment here—plenty of people with asthma do smoke—but if you smoke regularly, it would do you good to quit. It can definitely be difficult, but there are dozens of programs out there designed to help you kick the habit for good. If you don’t smoke but often interact with people who do, ask them not to smoke around you and limit your interactions with them on flare-up days.

Stay Healthy

To keep your lungs in shape and your symptoms under control, avoid picking up germs that make you sick. Colds and flu viruses wreak havoc on your respiratory system. Protect your lungs by getting your flu shot, washing your hands often, and wearing a mask indoors. And make sure you get enough sleep every night! A good night’s sleep does wonders for your immune system and overall well-being, and you’ll recover more quickly from an asthma attack if you live a healthy life.

Clean Regularly

Dust, mold, and pollen are common triggers for asthma attacks. Get rid of all those excess particles floating around your home! Vacuum your house regularly—including couches and mattresses—and launder your curtains and bedding every week. Some folks with asthma don’t do well around fragranced items; if you’re one of them, switch to “free and clear” detergents and cleaners.

Don’t let asthma hinder your enjoyment of life! Take the time to implement these tips; you deserve to live comfortably, and asthma doesn’t have to keep you down. Get back up and manage your asthma with confidence. Learn how to keep asthma from interfering with your life!

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