Health Risks of Electronic Cigarettes

Managing Director of The Electronic Cigarette Company smokes an electronic cigarette as he poses for the photographer in LondonWhen they first appeared, E-cigarettes would maybe receive a glance of disapproval from regular smokers and would of course be not taken seriously by anyone else. But as time went by, they have slowly but surely become an ubiquitous presence in today’s society as these nicotine delivery systems have surely come to deserve not only our attention but also the attention of large tobacco companies since they have started buying these nifty new device patents. And as more and more people become acquainted with these contraptions, certain health concerns may arise. We will therefore address some rare yet worth mentioning such concerns.

Cancer sores

Some users may at some point experience canker sores, and these seem to be most common in the beginning when vaping. As many users describe, this seems to be related to nicotine content of the vaping liquid and are more often than not caused when the vaping liquid comes in contact with the lips or the mouth (which often happens in the beginning). So be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with water if that happens.

Hiccups, Dizziness, Sleepiness

Not so uncommon amongst vaping ingénues, these symptoms may or may not arise in everyone but they are signs that you may need lower concentrations of nicotine. Therefore if you experience such symptoms when vaping, just step your nicotine concentration down.

Second Hand Vaping

As most of us are careful when it comes to passive smoking, it seems this practice has transferred to vaping, as many fear it may have a negative effect on those inhaling the second hand vapor. A study of the World Health Organization from 2012 has proven that passive vaping leaves no effects on neither the second hand smokers, nor the smokers who indeed used the blucigs.

Infection Risk

Some users fear that storing cartomizers for long periods of time may promote the development of mold that then might cause serious respiratory infections when inhaled. This would sound alarming if it were true, but to ease the mind of E-Cigarette users, here is a small explanation as to why this is not accurate. Microorganisms need certain conditions to be met in order to flourish, these usually consist of high humidity (over 85%) and temperature levels, as well as food in the form of simple sugars. The good thing is that propylene glycol actually prevents mold growth because it keeps the humidity level at 70% and prevents water uptake.

These are of course just some issues that might concern users, but rest assured, even if we’ve missed some of them, studies show that there are virtually no health concerns related to vaping. So relax, sit down on your terrace and enjoy an evening with some nice tea or coffee and a quick vape. 

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