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Buying gym equipment and exercise machines is not easy. The range of different exercise equipment is huge. Gym equipment and exercise machines can also range in quality, price and effectiveness, so knowing what is right for you can be difficult. Before you buy any gym or fitness equipment, it is important to understand your goals. You may be a home user just wanting to get in shape, you may be somebody training for a sporting event, or maybe you run a gym or fitness centre that needs new equipment. Whatever you requirements, the best method for finding the right gym and fitness equipment is to go to an experienced and knowledgeable supplier.

Go to the Experts

Few companies can boast more experience in supplying gym and fitness equipment to commercial gyms and the general public than Gymworld. Having supplied fitness equipment to home users and commercial gyms for the last two decades, Gymworld have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes the ideal people to speak to when looking to purchase gym and fitness equipment.

Unlike many gym equipment websites and online suppliers, Gymworld pride themselves on their customer service. With advisors always available on the end of the phone, and with showrooms in Manchester where you can try before you buy, Gymworld provide expert advice that will help you find the right gym or fitness equipment for you. Furthermore, because of their wealth of experience and knowledge, Gymworld’s advisors can even assist you in developing an exercise routine, helping you to make the most of your new equipment.

Range of Gym Equipment

Gymworld have huge range of both commercial and domestic gym equipment. This ranges from the popular treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes and multigyms, to things such as cross trainers, weight training machines and free weights. All of the equipment supplied by Gymworld is sourced specifically to ensure it is good quality and will provide an effective exercise machine that offers good value. Many of the exercise machines for sale at Gymworld have been personally tested by the company to ensure they offer their customers value for money and are effective at helping people get fit.

With gym equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, Gymworld have a huge range of items that will suit all budgets and requirements, from sophisticated exercise machines designed for the professional and simple to use equipment for the home users, to high quality, safe and robust commercial gym equipment.


Buying gym equipment from Gymworld also means you will be well looked after. Not only does Gymworld offer a price promise, which will match the price if you find the same gym equipment cheaper elsewhere, and interest free finance packages, but also Gymworld provide free delivery and a free installation service. Furthermore, whether you are a home user struggling to get to grips with your new exercise machine, or a commercial gym needing specialist advice, Gymworld’s advisors will always be happy to speak to you and give you advice and information to ensure you are satisfied and are getting the most out of your purchase.

Gymworld’s helpful and friendly staff won’t push you into buying something too expensive or unsuitable for your needs, either. After two decades of supplying gym equipment to both domestic and commercial users, Gymworld’s advisors know the importance of unbiased, informative advice that will help you achieve your fitness goals and ensure you are completely happy with your purchase.

Whether you want the very latest exercise machine to assist you in your training, something simple to help you get in shape, or accessories and equipment for a commercial gym, fitness centre, hotel or sports club, Gymworld has the answer.


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