Got the Flu Shot? Here Are Three Other Vaccinations You Should Consider

This flu season, the media has been hyping the flu scare to new levels, which has led more people to consider getting their flu shot. This is understandable behavior, as one’s health should always be top priority. However, with the media hype about the intensity of this year’s flu season, other equally important vaccinations could be neglected or overlooked. Besides the flu shot, here are three other vaccinations that you should consider if you value your health.

Got the Flu Shot? Here Are Three Other Vaccinations You Should Consider

You Should Consider a Hepatitis A Vaccination

According to the team at, it’s always a good idea to consider getting a Hepatitis A vaccination. According to, you need for this vaccination if you possess a certain risk factor for the Hepatitis A virus infection. Of course, if you just want to be extra sure and want to be shielded from this specific disease, then you can also consider getting a Hepatitis A vaccination. In most cases, the vaccination for Hepatitis A will be given in two, separate doses, 6 to 18 months apart.

You Should Consider a Human Papillomavirus Vaccination

You should consider getting a human papillomavirus vaccination in some cases. The truth is that not every age group needs it, but there are some age groups for which it’s highly recommended. For instance, if you’re a woman aged 26 years old or younger, then you should strongly consider getting this vaccine. If you’re a man waged 21 years old or younger, then you should also get this vaccine, according to

Nonetheless, if you are male, aged between 22 and 26 years of age, and have certain risk factors for HPV, then it would be a good idea to get this vaccination. If you’re a man between the ages 22 and 26 and just want this vaccination to be protected against the virus, that’s also possible.

You Should Consider a Meningococcal Vaccination

The third vaccination you want to keep in mind is the meningococcal vaccine. This is another vaccination that is not necessary in all cases, but is required in some specific situations. You only require this vaccination if you have one of several different health problems. You also need this vaccination if you’re between the ages of 19 and 21, if you’re a first year college student who is residing in a residence hall and who has never been vaccinated, or if you are above 21 and have only been vaccinated before 16 years of age.

Whenever you hear the word “vaccination” thrown around, it is most likely in reference to the flu shot. While a flu shot is helpful for some people, it is not the only vaccination that you need. Focusing exclusively on the flu shot can obscure the urgency to get other vaccinations that are equally important. Getting vaccinated against HPV, Hepatitis A and meningitis can save your life, especially if you are among those who are in a risk group. While not everyone is in favor of vaccinations, it pays to consider getting them.

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