Exercises You Can Do With Someone on Oxygen Therapy

When doctors prescribe someone oxygen therapy, they often also suggest lifestyle changes to help the patient live healthier. One of the ways they can live healthier is by exercising regularly. There are specific exercises that people on oxygen therapy can do to be healthy while not overexerting themselves and their lungs, and those exercises are more fun to do with other people. Keep reading to learn about some exercises you can do with someone on oxygen therapy so you can support them and get healthy at the same time.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is one of the best low-impact exercises you can do because it provides a cardio workout while sitting down. Perform this exercise with a friend by setting up two stationary bikes next to each other, leaving room for each person to get off and for an oxygen concentrator. To make the exercise more exciting, go on virtual rides with apps or videos displayed on a TV or computer screen in front of you. Some biking apps even have a feature where you and your friend can video call each other while biking, so you can cycle together even if you’re apart. Keeping your mind occupied is one of the best ways to get the most out of your stationary bike, so consider watching TV or listening to an audiobook together, too.

Tai Chi

For a less intense low-impact exercise, try tai chi. Tai chi involves slow, gentle movements that build strength, flexibility, and coordination. This gentle workout is ideal for older adults and people with chronic illness, since it won’t overexert your body while still providing an excellent workout. Most tai chi happens in groups, so you and your friend can join a group together, or you can make friends at a tai chi group. If you prefer working out at home, then you and your friend can follow a virtual tai chi instruction in a video instead of meeting with a group in person.

Gentle Yoga

While there are many kinds of yoga, people on oxygen therapy should try gentle yoga first to make sure they can do it before progressing to more difficult levels. You can even do gentle yoga in a chair if you prefer. However you do it, yoga can help you improve your flexibility, range of motion, and it can also help your balance if you can do it standing up. You and your friend can join a yoga group in your community or follow an instructor virtually, just like with tai chi. Just make sure to invest in yoga mats beforehand so you can comfortably follow along in either form.

Walking Together

You may think that walking doesn’t provide much exercise, but walking can improve your cardiovascular system, strengthen your bones and muscles, improve muscle endurance, and even help you have more energy. Walking with a friend makes the activity more fun. This is a great form of exercise for people on oxygen because it gets their entire body moving without stressing their lungs. Going on a walk together is just one way you can support your friend on oxygen therapy, and you can improve your own health at the same time.

Indoor cycling, tai chi, gentle yoga, and walking are four great exercises you can do with someone on oxygen therapy. Remember to take breaks as often as needed when you’re exercising with someone on oxygen therapy because their body might need extra time to recharge. Supporting your friend while they exercise and rest will help you both feel healthier and happier.

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