Everybody’s Gymsurfing, Gymsurfing USA!


Surf’s up, gym fans! Finally – packing for a family vacation, business trip or out-of-town visit no longer means gathering everything except your exercise gear. The all-new app, Gymsurfing, gives out-of-towners access to gyms that offer nonmember day passes to those who want to get their workouts on.

Hotels traditionally have closet-sized fitness facilities, and they are rarely optimal for increasing heart rates or spending time on your physique. Before Gymsurfing, you had to go with a three-step approach for seeking lodging and exercise all in the same trip. First, you did excessive research and hoped the front-desk personnel, or the hotel chain’s website, were being honest about the gym space and equipment. Second, if you determined your destination was inadequate for building true “sweat equity,” you had to do an additional search for area gyms. Since you were not a local, you often felt lost, overwhelmed or frustrated with the results of your hunt. Finally, once you made your choice, you had to contact the fitness center in advance to guarantee nonmember guest passes. Rarely was this a seamless experience, but it most definitely added to the stress levels as you prepared for your arrival.

Now, when you travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami and Toronto, with more cities to come, Gymsurfing does all the hard work for you. The app gives you access to a listing of an area’s full range of gyms – anything from 24/7 spaces to higher-end executive types – and pass prices (usually ranging from $5 to $20). Plus, you never miss a good deal at your gym away from home with Gymsurfing’s deals of the day and other helpful hints and tips. The app is free in the iTunes store and will arrive in the Android Marketplace later this week.


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