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Dealing with Disease: Optimism after Diagnosis

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One of the most discouraging things you never hope to hear is your doctor telling you that you have an illness or medical condition. Depending on the circumstances and the severity of the diagnosis, this type of news can be devastating and turn your world upside down. There is hope however, and in many cases you can make positive changes in your life to help manage symptoms and life after being diagnosed with a disease. Below are a few tips for staying positive and optimistic about your future.

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Research is Empowering

Once you know the specifics of your condition or disease, it can be helpful to do some research to find out more about it. The more you understand, the better you will be able to manage it. For example, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, you can learn about the best foods to eat and how to adjust your diet to minimize sugar intake from too many carbohydrates.

For those involved in the Lipitor litigation and who have been diagnosed with diabetes as a result of taking the cholesterol drug, it can be even more frustrating to know that your condition is through no fault or control of your own. Unfortunately, there are far too many cases of a medical treatment causing another condition. There are ways to help your body out through nutrition and research. Knowledge is power, and when you learn how to treat your body better, you will feel better, and therefore have a more positive outlook on your life.

The Many Benefits of Exercising

Another way to keep an optimistic attitude is by starting an exercise program. Even if you begin slowly by walking 10 or 15 minutes a day, you will feel better about yourself. When you exercise you not only feel better physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Exercise Helps Manage Pain

Another benefit of exercising is that each time you get your body moving, endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. So, if you are managing pain with your disease, endorphins can help minimize it.

Additionally, endorphins trigger positive feelings within your body similar to the drug morphine, only completely naturally. You can get a euphoric feeling from exercising that contributes to a more positive, energetic outlook on life.

Exercise Reduces Stress

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and quell feelings of depression all while giving you the added physical health benefits of a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, stronger bones and increased energy levels. All of these things can certainly help work in your favor when you are managing a disease or illness.

Support is Available

If you have been diagnosed with a disease, remember you are not alone. Others are going through a similar experience, and you can rely on people to help you through this challenging time. Consider joining a support group for people with the same diagnosis. You will be amazed at how much more positive you can feel just by sharing your story and experiences with others, as well as hearing about their stories and positive outcomes.

Learning that you have been diagnosed with a disease is devastating news, but it does not have to mean the end of your world as you know it. With a positive attitude, new dietary and exercise plans, proper medical attention, and the emotional support of others, you may even be on your way to a healthier, improved lifestyle.

When you have been diagnosed with a disease, such as those in Lipitor litigation with diabetes, your lifestyle changes dramatically. Writer Melanie Fleury experienced this with her Lupus diagnosis. Fortunately for her, she is able to control her condition with a healthy lifestyle, a wonderful support group and positive outlook on her life.

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