5 Tips For Maximizing Your Weight Loss


Many of you will probably have weight loss on your New Year’s resolution list and whilst some of you will actually follow a plan and lose weight, others will put it off again and again, failing to find the motivation to get started.  The trouble with trying to lose weight is it is hard work, it requires motivation and patience – remember it is better to lose weight slowly than quickly; but the following tips should help you to maximize your weight loss and achieve the results you are looking for.

1.      Rome wasn’t built in a day:

Forget the ads you see offering proven methods or supplements that will see you lose 20 pounds a day!  Rarely is that kind of weight loss possible and furthermore it is not safe to do so.  Rapid weight loss will put a strain on your internal organs and could cause you health problems in the future.


Whilst most people who start a diet plan will see anything from 2 to 7 pounds shed in the first week, this is often excess water stored in the body and the following weeks should see a healthy weight loss of between 2 to 4 pounds.

2.      Eat sufficient calories:


It may sound counterintuitive to tell you to eat plenty of calories, but you should ensure you eat enough calories each day to maintain your bodily functions, brain activity and to ensure your body doesn’t start burning muscle instead of fat.  The number of calories you need to consume in a day will depend on your gender, starting weight and how active you are each day.  Consult a qualified dietician or nutritionist to come up with a figure tailored to you.

3.      Don’t skip meals:

Following on from no. 2 it is important not to skip meals.  Do not think that by not eating you will lose weight.  It is not healthy and again can put a strain on your internal organs.  It is proven that those who eat three regular meals a day will not only lose weight but maintain it too.

If you are on the go and need a meal quickly then meal replacement shakes are a good alternative.  These shakes have been about for sometime and have helped people to lose weight when used in place of one daily meal.  They are nutritionally balanced and packed with vitamins and minerals, perfect if you need a quick bite at lunchtime!


4.      Exercise:

The importance of exercise cannot be stressed enough both for losing weight and maintaining it.  A healthy lifestyle should be adopted into your weight loss plan which includes balanced meals and at least 30 mins exercise a day.  If you do not fancy hitting the gym consider alternatives like brisk walking, cycling or even activities like gardening all of which will get your heart going and help burn calories.


5.      Find a diet buddy:

Trying to lose weight on your own can be difficult, especially when you have weeks with little or no weight loss or even putting some back on.  Finding a diet buddy to share your plan with can really help to keep you motivated and support you when things get tough.  If you do not have someone close to you then consider joining a weight loss group who meet locally or look online for support groups.

Article written by Georgina Clatworthy a freelance author writing about health and fitness, diets and weight loss.  I am not connected with Get Prograde although I can recommend them for effective weight loss products and fitness advice.


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