The Incredible Sinot Aqua Superyacht Concept

The ultimate luxury vehicle for the uber rich and famous is the super-yacht. The boat is designed to be luxurious.  It houses pools, dining areas, sun-decks, master suites and even exercise rooms.

While luxury is the aim, unsurprisingly, many super-yachts struggle to keep their environmental footprint under control. With heavy diesel engines and large crews that create excessive waste, super-yachts are not only a luxury expense, but create a huge tax on the environment.

The Alternative Super-yacht

Alternatively, thanks to a new water architecture firm Sinot,  super-yachts in the future will be safer for the environment.

As an example,As Sinot is bringing luxury and earth consciousness to the super-yacht community, by way of the Aqua.  Radically, the concept uses liquid hydrogen converted into electricity through a PEM fuel cell. The only byproduct of this novel engine is water exhaust.

This completely electric super-yacht’s range is 3715 optical miles. Additionally, it reaches speeds of 17 knots and contains nearly every innovative technology luxury on board. However, this unique concept compromises interior space of 367 ft² to achieve it’s sleek design.

This concept captured Bill Gates‘s attention early on.  Rumors state that he offered a pledge of $600 million upon completion of the full concept design. Unfortunately, despite increased media attention, sources confirm he is not  involved in the project.

Attention started high with the original concept unveiling at the Monaco yacht show. This remains a concept, and is likely to cost billions to produce.

The beautiful, sleek concept takes inspiration from the luxury lifestyles of the the rich and famous; however the technology is fresh and cutting-edge.  If ever produced, this project is changing the future of super-yachts.

Additional Amenities

The floor-to-ceiling window to the water is designed as part of the luxurious owner’s bedroom suite. Additionally, all guest cabins mimic the utmost luxury, comfort and all contain open sight-lines of the water.

This design, if completed will truly revolutionize the world of super-yachting. As a result, to make the the best in water luxury, millions of dollars in capital will need to be raised.

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