The Creation Of Waterproof Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss Affects Millions Of People With Activities Limited

Millions of people suffer from hearing disabilities, in the US; this affects 34 million individuals, most of who are below the age of retirement.  Whether from growing older, born with this impairment or by accident, it is a health concern that is somewhat overlooked. With the evolution of technology, hearing aids have become more effective, smaller and easier to use. There has however, been the inconvenience of the individuals who are active. Certain sports may be limited, especially ones that may include an element of increased movement and an instance of shock to the hearing aids. This is even more difficult for hearing impaired individuals who enjoy water engagement such as swimming, kayaking, skiing and other wet sports.

A Need For Innovation

Out of those affected by hearing loss today in the US, 10 million wear ear hearing aids with many saying that they are limited in their daily activities, this is according to a survey conducted in 2011 by Applied Research. The survey discloses that hearing aids play a major role in individuals choosing activities in their daily routines and even a rainy day can have an effect on their hearing and the functionality of their hearing aids. Manufacturers around the world have seen the need to further evolve their hearing aids to be more functional and have introduced water resistant hearing aids into the market. These manufacturers have further innovated their designs and have now created not only water resistant but shock and dust resistant hearing aids that are fully waterproof.  The gap in the market was evident, especially after the survey further cemented the need, this new technology will have a significantly positive impact on the lives of active seeking hearing impaired individuals. Refraining from certain activities and sports that enhance the lives of people can not only prove an inconvenience but even a factor in causing deeper afflictions such as depression, anxiety, social isolation, cognitive decline and anger. The Better Hearing institute in the US have also evaluated that adults with hearing impairments are at a greater risk of heart attack, dementia and Alzheimer’s. All of these factors make the need for hearing aids that enhance individuals lives that much more important.

A Positive Impact

The creation of these waterproof, dust proof and shock resistant hearing aids will significantly improve the lives of hearing impaired individuals. Exercise and activity is incredibly important for both body and mind in adults and the elderly and in children, the act of being included in a spots team and excelling, does wonders for self esteem.

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in health. Her passion extends to communication logistics such as how to improve communication skills.


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