Nostalgic Carhops Deal with Modern Hazards

CarhopsAs a teenager, you never think that obtaining a part-time job could be hazardous to your health. But, for those who choose to work at a drive-in serving fast food, where they are required to deliver menu items directly to people in their vehicles, they could be facing an increased safety risk.

Teens and adults who work at the drive-through of a coffee shop or fast-food restaurant are also at risk for injury if the driver loses control of his or her car while going through the line. Below are some of the most common injuries that occur to fast-food employees.

Car Crashes

Some of the most common injuries happen to fast-food employees as a result of cars crashing into the building. For one reason or another, if a driver loses control over his vehicle, or is not paying attention, he or she may crash through the wall of the drive-in or drive-through window injuring everyone in his or her path.

Slips and Falls

People who work at drive-in restaurants where food is delivered curbside have a high risk of injuries from slipping and falling. In some cases, the restaurant chain requires the carhops to wear roller skates while delivering food.

This could be dangerous for both the server and the customer. If the carhop slips and falls, hot food or beverages could land on the people in the car, scalding them. The carhop could suffer sprained ankles or broken bones as a result of the fall.

Risk of Injury from Robberies

Each time a carhop or drive-through window employee serves someone in a vehicle, they are at risk of being robbed, held at gunpoint or physically hurt. In some states, such as North Carolina, restaurants are required by law to provide adequate security for their employees and guests.

If there is not adequate security and an employee is robbed or injured by someone on the premises, that restaurant could be held legally responsible for the occurrence of a work related injury and damages. The onus of providing a safe environment is the employer or establishment.

Drive-up RestaurantWhat Can You Do?

If you or someone you know works as a carhop or at a fast-food drive-through, and he or she is injured at work, you may want to consider obtaining help from an experienced legal professional. A well- versed injury attorney can review your case, the nature of your injuries, and the circumstances surrounding them at the time they happened.

If a restaurant can be held liable, especially in states like North Carolina where there are laws in place to protect employees at public establishments, then you may be able to receive financial compensation for your pain, injuries, and even lost time at work.

Every job has its risks, but nobody should be at an increased risk for broken bones just because you bring food to customers at a drive-in. If you are concerned about the conditions at your workplace, consider speaking to the manager about your concerns. You may be helping to create a safer environment for everyone who works there, today and in the future.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and contributes this article as a fan of nostalgic carhops. Recently, after witnessing a server experience a work related injury while skating to a car, she was inspired to research and provide helpful tips individual who work in this industry.


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