More Than A Buzz: When Drinking is a Secret Problem

RJ LADY SECRET DRINKINGWhat is Secret Drinking?

Secret drinking is an alcohol related problem that typically is kept in private. An individual can either drink with people who won’t divulge their secret behavior or they can imbibe from the comforts of their own home, without the knowledge of family and friends. Whether the drinking has continued gradually until the person can no longer stop, or it’s a way to test specific boundaries, secret drinking can have serious consequences. Katz & Phillips, a DUI law firm in Florida, provides that getting a DUI can mean a fine or even up to 6 months in jail.

Behavior Modification

People who are drinking behind closed doors can have serious issues that can lead to the problem. Belligerent attitudes and neglectful actions can cause mayhem for someone who has a family, career and parental responsibilities. If you’ve spent the afternoon drinking, you may not be able to remain coherent to remember to pick up your children after school.

It could also pose problems for those who are at work and can’t function throughout the day without a drink. You can modify your behavior by making a serious commitment to stop drinking. There has to be a primary reason behind the consumption and getting to the root of the issue can aid in your recovery.

Exposing the Secret

Your secret drinking may have slowly gotten out of control. What may have started with a sip to get through housework and chores and taking care of the children, may now have turned into utter chaos. You may be hiding bottles around the home or at work and one drink has now become five. Although it can be difficult to admit your guilt, exposing your secret to friends and loved ones can place pressure on you to finally quit.


Learning How to RJ SECRET DRINKING 1Cope

The road to recovery can prove challenging, and you’ll need to find ways to cope. Engaging in activities or hobbies that are fun and interesting can lessen your urge to drink. You can also join a support group that allows you to meet with others who are in a similar situation as yourself. Taking a friend that you can trust and work with will also bring comfort to your situation.

Drinking can cause numerous health issues and take a toll on your body. In addition to the physical aspects of booze, you’ll also notice mental anxiety and depression to occur. Getting control of your health and happiness will help you to maintain a feeling of wellness and mental clarity.

Melanie Fleury has watched loved ones suffer from the stress and pain that can be caused from drinking. Financial aspects should one be arrested for a drinking related crime could be extremely stressful, but hiring lawyers like Katz & Phillips, attorneys in the Florida area, can help to relieve as much stress as possible so that you can concentrate on the mental and physical parts of your healing.

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