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In A Home Office Rut? 5 Ideas to Revamp Your Workpace

paperclipsWorking from home provides you with the opportunity to create a home office that is practical and inspiring. After all, you will not have to deal with anyone else’s idea of what an office should look like, and this will give you the freedom to create your perfect work space. Sadly, a lot of people still get stuck in the rut of designing a home office that looks like everyone elses, and this can lead to issues with creativity and productivity. Fortunately, you always have the opportunity to revamp your work space, and this can make it much easier to remain focused throughout each work day.

Five Ways to Revamp Your Home Office

1) Hang Art – You can use the Internet to find a wide variety of artwork, and this will make it easy to find the perfect pieces to hang on your office walls. Look on sites like Artismo for inspiration. Keep in mind that exposure to bright colors can help make you feel more creative. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pick colorful pieces of art that you enjoy to help bring your office environment to life.

2) Change Your Lighting – Studies have proven that bright lights help workers remain more alert throughout the day, and this can have a dramatic impact on your overall level of productivity. If it is too dim, you should definitely consider upgrading your lamps or lighting fixtures to create an environment that is more conducive to work.

3) Get New Furniture – Although the expense of replacing your office furniture might cause you to stretch your budget, it is important to feel comfortable in order to produce your best work. Therefore, if your office chair or desk causes you to experience discomfort in your back, legs or wrists, it is a good idea to look into alternative solutions.

4) Buy Fun and Useful Accessories – There is no reason that your stapler, sticky notes and desk organizer need to be boring. In fact, buying fun alternatives that let you express your personality and sense of humor are a great way to let you improve the quality of each work day. After all, if your desk organizer can keep everything together while also putting a smile on your face, then it will definitely be worth the purchase price.

5) Small Exercise Equipment – Studies have proven that taking short exercise breaks throughout the day is a great way to remain mentally engaged with your work. Therefore, it is a good idea to put at least one or two small pieces of exercise equipment in your office so that you can take healthy breaks throughout the day. To make it more fun, you could consider buying equipment in your favorite color.

Taking the time to revamp your office will enable you to increase your productivity, and this will make it easy to become a success. Therefore, everyone who works from home should put at least some of these tips in place if they want to remain focused and creative on a daily basis.

As a freelance writer who works from home, Kari Lloyd understands the importance of a well set-up workspace. For inspiration on artwork to improve your home work environment, Artismo offers a wide range to suit style, taste and price range.

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