How to Live Long and Stay Healthy


With the average person living to 80 years old – 8 years more than in the 1970s – it is no wonder that we are witnessing rising cases of arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease – we have got an ever increasing aging population. Yet just because you are getting old, doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a cold room and wait for these conditions to catch up with you. In fact there is plenty you can do to keep these at bay and live a long and healthy life. Top Tips for Staying Healthy Eating right, exercising regularly and taking care of your body, are only a handful of the many steps you can take to prevent illness and joint pain. There are others strategies you can utilise which will equally help you to stay in top form.

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1. Get health screening tests The idea of being poked and prodded may sound unappealing, but the easiest way to make sure you are in good health is to visit your doctor as they will be able to spot arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many other conditions before they progress too far. Similarly, the sooner they are spotted the quicker you will be able to benefit from recommended treatments which will limit the amount of pain you are in. And this kind of approach towards your health is sensible… For instance, the earlier a doctor is able to diagnosis arthritis, the faster you will be able to benefit from physiotherapy, exercise and pain management.

2. Quit smoking The numbers may vary, but all agree smoking can decrease your life span as well as the quality of your life. Increasing your chances of developing lung infections, cancer and illness (as it inhibits your immune system), it is never too late to give up smoking.

3. Stay active Exercise often gets a bad reputation amongst the older generation for increasing joint pain and depleting your energy levels; however exercise can have the opposite effect on your body. The key is to not put too much strain on your joints and to take it one step at a time. Swimming, cycling and walking for example can all offer you increased health benefits as well as help you to lose weight and experience joint pain relief.

4. Eat a balanced diet
Eating a healthy balanced diet can do wonders for your join pain, health and immune system. The key is overcoming your temptations for junk food and swapping them for healthier alternatives. For instance did you know that eating 2 servings of fruit and vegetables every day can increase your life expectancy? It’s true. We recommend adopting a Mediterranean diet, as it contains plenty of minerals, vitamins and lean meats which are good for your joints.

5. Lose weight With obesity on the rise, managing your weight is important as the higher your BMI the greater your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. We suggest switching out processed foods for fresh, and generally adopting a healthier outlook to the foods you eat.

6. Take your medication No one likes to depend on medication; however there will be instances where medicine is necessary for maintaining your health i.e. to prevent heart attacks, to treat an illness or to manage joint pain, insulin levels or your blood pressure. Similarly it is important that you also keep up to date with your immunisations to prevent unnecessary illnesses such as the flu or pneumonia. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to take control of your health and ensure your quality of life is the best it can be. So try to bear the above tips in mind and make sure you are offering your body the best opportunities. 45, 61 or 82… age doesn’t have to matter.

This article was written by Amy Fowler, who is interested in joint pain relief – in particular, natural forms of pain relief.

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