Getting a Relaxing Massage

Sometimes all we need is a nice, hour-long relaxing massage to get out of whatever funk we’re in. College students are always looking for ways to relax after their long commutes.

Getting a relaxing massage could help them get refreshed before heading back to school. Once you start getting massages you’ll become hooked because of how great they feel. Follow these steps and you’re on your way to experiencing one amazing massage.

Don’t Eat Before the Massage

Remember when you were a kid and people told you not to eat before you went swimming? Many will recommend the same about massages. Try not to eat any meals close to the time you’re heading in for your massage. If you’re getting hungry, snack on something small like grapes or an apple. Once you’re done with the massage, treat yourself to a nice, healthy and delicious meal.

Relax Beforehand

While you’ll get plenty of relaxing done in your massage, try to relax beforehand. It’s never a good idea to go into a massage stressed out or tense. Showing up for your session in a bad mood could make it more difficult for you to enjoy your much-needed pampering. Massages are not cheap and the last thing you would want to do is waste money.

Notify the Massage Therapist of any Known Issues

If you’ve had any health problems or injuries, let your massage therapist know when you book your appointment. Since she’ll use different lotions and products, let her know about any allergies or skin sensitivities. Many places will use products that could irritate your skin unless you let them know ahead of time.

Inform your Masseuse of Sensitive Areas

Are there spots you don’t want your massage therapist to touch – like your feet? Let her know. The same goes for areas where you think could use some work – like your tense shoulders. Be open and honest with your therapist and she’ll be better able to cater to your needs.

Wear Loose Clothing

For anyone new to getting massages, this is one thing you might not know about. Your therapist be touching your body so it’s important to wear loose fitted clothing so it won’t become difficult for her to work around it.

Clear your Mind

This is the best advice anyone will give you when getting a massage. Don’t think about exams, bills or work issues. This is your time to get pampered. Clear your mind, take a deep breath and relax.

This is a guest post from Kyle Antes. Kyle knows how difficult it can be for college students who have to travel here and there for work, school, and to visit home. Make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy your college years.

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