Fraternities and Drinking: A Dangerous Combination

tapping the kegEven though initiation ritual drinking can be extremely dangerous, it is still seen by many teenagers as a bonding experience. Sadly, there have been several students who have died from this ritual, and the abuse that some people experience can cause negative ramifications for the rest of their life. There are several school districts that have anti-bullying programs, but it is rare for a focus to be placed on alcohol-related hazing. As a result, many teens are confused about exactly what alcohol hazing is, and this can have disastrous consequences.

Most school districts ban all hazing, and it is also illegal in 44 states. However, unless they do a better job of educating students about what to watch out for, these bans are not likely to have much of an impact.

The process of initiation can vary depending on the group or organization. However, the activity usually involved the induction of prospective members proving their merit by drinking an exuberant amount of alcohol in a short time frame. In addition, inductees may also be both physically and psychologically abused.

College days can be a wonderful experience for young adults to learn about themselves, as well as spread their wings to new and exciting opportunities. However, it is every parents hope that their young freshman has the tenacity to withstand the pressures that accompany college as physically and emotionally intact as possible. Unfortunately, fraternity drinking threatens both of these aspirations.


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