Eating or Sleeping. Which is More Important for Your Body?

Life. Such a precious thing that we are in charge of. We are in charge of our own health and habits. We choose when to eat, sleep and what we need when we need it. That’s a big job for each of us, but yet we do it almost without thinking as the hours go by throughout the day. We have to find the balance in our day to day lives. With busy schedules, that is not always easy.

The two biggest factors—I say two because breathing is automatic—that we need to try our best to keep in balance are eating and sleeping. Oftentimes we have to choose between being able to sleep or being able to eat. Big projects, cases, meetings can keep up from sleeping as much as they can stress us out to stop or forget to eat.

As human beings, if we are deprived of sleep, then we usually want to eat more to help keep ourselves awake. The same thing happens in reverse when deprived of food, we often stay awake longer. This may be the natural urge to keep looking for food.

There is a big different between which is more needed for the human body whether it is eating or sleeping. Think about what would happen if you decided to fast for a week. After the end of the seven days of no food, you would probably feel weak; and you would definitely be thinner, but you would be basically okay.

If you tried the same thing with sleep and stayed awake for days at a time, say seven days, at the end of the week there would be a much bigger shift in your body. You wouldn’t be able to function with the complete loss and ability to do anything. For this reason, some organizations have listed sleep deprivation as a form of torture.

Think about what complaints you hear from the people around you. Do you hear more complaints about being tired, needing a nap, being exhausted or do you hear the words “I’m hungry” more often? Probably the former. It seems that most are tired from not sleeping or not having restful sleep whereas being hungry comes and goes rather quickly. The feeling of being tired can last much longer.

So, which do you think you need more of, sleep or food?


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