5 Tips for a Holistic Recovery Following a Car Accident

by the time my camera re-emerged, the crews had arrivedLife after a car accident is not always easy. It is inconvenient, troublesome, and in addition to physical injuries, it may also cause emotional and financial stress. If you have been injured in a car accident, what can you do to heal yourself – mind, body, and soul? Here are five tips for a holistic recovery, including ways to ease your financial stress.

1. Ask for Help

If you need assistance getting around with your injuries, and you have a nurse or family member who can help you, tell them of your positive outlook and ask that they help you achieve small goals each day. This will help you feel like you are making progress toward your goal of a full recovery. Surrounding yourself with positive, happy people will ultimately help lift your spirits when you are feeling discouraged.

2. Think Positively

Your road to recovery may be long, and it may seem insurmountable. But, telling yourself you can and will succeed each day will go a long way towards your physical and emotional well-being. Adopt a positive mantra and repeat it to yourself daily, as many times as you need encouragement to get through the difficult challenges you are facing.

01 (169)3. Contact an Attorney

Emotional and financial stress can cause just as much frustration in your life after an accident as the physical injuries. Consulting with an experienced accident attorney can help alleviate the burdens you are facing, such as recovering compensation from insurance companies and getting restitution for lost wages.

One Dallas car accident attorney states “We know they are not your friend, we know that insurance companies are here to make a profit and to keep their money to themselves.” Individuals who allow an attorney to deal directly with the insurance companies often receive upwards of three times more money than if they accepted the insurance company’s offer without professional advice or expertise.

4. Seek Physical Therapy

Even if it is difficult at first, because you have lost or limited mobility in your arms, legs or back as a result of your injury, be persistent. Each little accomplishment you make leads to big results over time. Celebrate each achievement, no matter how small to keep yourself encouraged and motivated.

5. Spend Time with Loved Ones

If at all possible, don’t stop doing the things you love while you are recovering. While you may not be able to attend your usual Tuesday night yoga class, perhaps you can still meet your friends afterwards for coffee, or maybe they can visit you at home after class. Keeping in contact with “the outside world” when you are limited in mobility can do wonders for your psyche.

Although inconvenient and stressful in so many ways, recovering after a car accident doesn’t have to be the end of life as you knew it. Keeping a positive attitude and doing whatever you can to heal yourself physically, emotionally and financially will go a long way in leading you down your road to recovery. Choose to view this time as an opportunity for personal growth and you will become a stronger person as a result.

Lisa Coleman shares some tips that can aide in a holistic recovery after receiving injuries following an accident. She recently read online how a Dallas car accident attorney can help with financial recovery for such a case.


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