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Lose Weight Based Off Of Your Genetics

640_skinny_fat_jeansHave you been on a diet before? If you have, how did you choose that diet? There are so many different types of diets available how do you know which one is the best for you? If you really want to lose weight or be healthy the diet you choose should stick with you for a while, it should be a lifestyle change.

The best diet you can choose is one that is based off of your DNA. The study of losing weight based off of genetics is new and still developing; scientists have found that when your diet is in unison to your DNA (in addition to exercise of course) you lose double the weight and keep it off. With a swab of your cheek in the comfort of your home, you can begin the process to learn whether or not your body is more sensitive to carbohydrates, fats or even both. Our bodies metabolize differently from one another, this test will tell you exactly what you should eat to maintain or lose weight.

Along with your test you will receive an online tool to track your diet and exercise, 1 free consultation with a licensed genetics professional and a guide to which exercises your body needs for maximum results. If you would like to choose a diet, lose weight or even just maintain your health the Inherent Health genetics weight management test package is the optimum choice. Do not waste your time with anything else that is not tailored to you.


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