Drugs vs. Organic Remedies: What’s Safest for Your Baby?

fussy UGA fanSo, you have a fussy baby – one that is colicky and has trouble sleeping, or one that is teething and having discomfort, or one that has a runny nose. What can you do to help calm him and help him be more comfortable? Is it ever OK to give your baby over-the-counter medicine for what ails him? Read below for a comparison of drugs versus organic remedies to ease your baby’s discomfort, and give you peace of mind.

Tylenol for Infants

When your baby has a fever or pain from teething, your pediatrician may recommend giving him Infant’s Tylenol (acetaminophen). According to the medicine’s packaging, Infant’s Tylenol is meant for babies over the age of two, and should only be given the recommended dosage. It is not recommended under the age of two unless you consult with your baby’s doctor. But, how safe is this drug for a baby?

A warning on the label also tells concerned parents that acetaminophen could cause severe liver damage, or he or she could have an allergic reaction to the medication. So, what are your alternatives if you are not willing to take these risks but want to ease your baby’s pain?

Organic Remedies

Organic or homeopathic remedies can be a great alternative to pain medication for your baby, especially if he is teething. Although these options may not be as fast acting or as long lasting as medication, they usually have no potential side effects and do not put your baby at risk of allergic reaction or severe damage of any kind.

Natural remedies may include herbs and oils that have warming or numbing properties when applied directly to the affected area, such as your baby’s gums when he is teething. Vanilla extract is a good way to soothe baby’s tender gums while simultaneously calming his upset stomach.

Soothing Sounds and Motions

In addition to giving your baby a pain reliever, whether you choose medication or homeopathy, you can also attempt to calm a fussy baby with soothing sounds and motions. Babies love to swing while listening to nature sounds or soft music. Bouncers and swings, easily found online at https://www.kidsii.com/ingenuity/c-177-bouncers-rockers.aspx, are often made with a combination of sounds, soothing vibrations, and motions that can be adjusted so you can find just the right speed to comfort your little one.

Mother and BabyIt’s never easy for parents when babies are in distress or discomfort of any kind. We want to do our best to take away the pain as quickly as possible. Before you give your baby medicine or herbal remedies, make sure you know exactly how much to give him and when. Never exceed the recommended dosage of any kind of drug or herbal supplement. And, any baby loves to be held when he isn’t feeling well, so give your infant plenty of affection until he feels better.

Being a parent herself, Jennifer Alston has tried several ways to calm her fussy babies and found rocking children in her arms to be a cure. Now her children are grown and past the age of new technology, she started to research bouncers as possible gifts to give to family and friends with newer children.

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