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Why is your hair greying? What do recent discoveries say!

Researchers have done lots of studying and have come up with number of reasons why hair could turn grey. Some have also come up with the remedies of greying hair. We start by looking at what has been discovered on why hair turns grey.


· The hair consists of strands called the shaft and the root.
· The root ends in a bulb which sits in a follicle and that is where the hair grows.
· The amount of melanin in each hair strand is what determines the colour of the hair.
· Ageing peoples hair turn grey because melanin is no longer formed.
· Researchers looked at stem cells producing melanin and how they are affected by DNA damaging agents.
· X-rays and radioactivity, for example, were found to cause so much damage to the DNA in mice, that it resulted in premature grey hair.
· Once DNA is damaged, it ends up with cell mutation.
· This makes the cell kill itself so that it will not reproduce.
· The damage in the DNA caused the melanocyte stem cells to reproduce cells with no nucleus and they eventually died. This means that no cell producing melanin would be left.
· A new discovery found that those cells with DNA damage can be wholly eliminated. This is how the body is in a position to protect itself from those cells that are likely to become cancerous.

· WNT Protein is a signalling protein that has been discovered by scientists.
· It oversees hair production and directs the hair stem on how fast to work.
· It has everything to do with hair turning grey.
· Should the melanocyte stem not have enough of this protein, then there will be no signal for hair colour to be produced, resulting to grey hair!

· This enzyme is present on our skin stem cells.
· It is absent in the hair follicle stem cells.
· It protects the melanocyte cell from damage.
· It helps them last longer and function better as well.

· This is said to bleach hair from the inside making it grey.

If you’ve got grey hair and want a few ways to get some colour back, here are a few tips for you to try!

· Use of antioxidant cocktail which allows hair re-pigmentation.
· There is a cream which contains pseudo-catalase and when this cream is applied on hair that has turned grey, it is said to restore colour to that hair. The cream is also activated by sunlight so it works when your out in the open.

Grey hair

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