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Head Injuries Linked to Depression in Kids

ouchA recent study of 2,000 children indicated that kids who had suffered a head injury were more likely to suffer from depression in the future. The 2007 National Survey of Children’s Health observed kids who had severe head injuries, including concussions and brain trauma. Fifteen percent of these participants with a history of brain injury suffered from depression, compared with kids who did not incur an injury.

Dr. Matthew C. Wylie, one of the study’s authors, noted that kids with a past head injury were two times more likely to suffer from depression than kids who experienced no head injuries. A child’s brain also takes longer than an adult’s to recover from a head injury if they had previously experienced a concussion. Researchers hope to identify kids at risk of depression and treat them accordingly.

Studies like this shed light on the serious effects head injuries have on our children – especially those who participate in dangerous sports like football and cheerleading, where head trauma is common.

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