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ATV Safety Demos Enlighten Students

Lifeguard riding ATV on the beachesTo kick off Farm Safety and Health Week in Kentucky, Agricultural Commissioner James Comer presented an accident dramaturgy to students of Western Hills High School in Frankfort. Although it was a mock accident, it demonstrated very real circumstances of carelessness when operating an ATV. The objective, Comer noted, is for students to think twice about wearing their helmets and seatbelts when riding on ATVs also known as all terrain vehicles, on farm equipment, and in cars.

With Western Hills High School students playing the parts of the victims in the ATV accident scenario, local emergency teams used real-life techniques to treat the students’ injuries. Even a medical transport helicopter stood by, ready to take “victims” to receive emergency treatment.

Sometimes the best way to learn about vehicle safety is to see a real-life demonstration that depicts actual scenarios. When kids see their friends being taken away on stretchers, it could have a big impact on how they operate their ATVs or farm equipment each time they ride.

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