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5 Super Benefits of Drinking Water

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Water is the great hydrator of the earth and our bodies. This clear liquid makes up 90% of the brain, 83% of blood, 22% of bones, and 75% of the bodies muscles. Water also improves the health of your skin, hair, and overall health. The clean crisp taste is refreshing on a hot day, calms you during times of stress, and will rehydrate you when you are playing sports.

Water Fountains

It’s a good idea to have water fountains if you run an office or area with lots of people around this will keep your team healthy and improve work rate.

Office Worker at Water Cooler
Office Worker at Water Cooler

The uses are too many to list but here are 5 benefits to keep in mind when you are reaching for your next drink of water.


Water is the only liquid on Earth that will safely detoxify your body natural through the removal of toxins, chemicals, fats, and other unhealthy products you might put in your body. The detoxification of your body needs full and complete hydration. Even the slightest dehydration makes your body work harder creating problems for your kidneys, skin, brain, muscles, bloodstream, and liver to name a few. The filters of the body (spleen, kidneys, and liver) all need water to perform properly. Most experts suggest 2-litters of water per day to lubricate and detox your system.

Regulates Body Temperature

On a hot summer day, do you reach for that bottle of syrupy soda or fruit juice? One of the best ways to feel cooler on a hot day is to drink a large glass of cool water. The water will hydrate your organs, cool you down, and refresh you. On a cold day you might curl up with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but also grab a glass of lukewarm water. This time the water will help to level out the temperature of your body while helping you to feel warmer and more comfortable in your environment.

Metabolism &Nutrient Absorption

Your body needs water and nutrients. Drinking water with medications and vitamins will help the break down the pills and improve the absorption into your organs. Another source of water good for you is water-rich fruits and vegetables. Consumption of these products allows you to get the minerals and vitamins you need as well as more water. In Japan, a recent study showed that women who ate water-rich foods were slimmer with a healthier body weight than those who just sipped water. The more water you drink the higher your metabolism rate, the more awake you feel, the more energy you have, and will reduce your cravings for empty calories.

Reduces Aging

Water will keep you young. Instead of spending lots of money on expensive lotions and creams, simply drink more water. The hydration will help reduce wrinkles and plump your skin to a healthy complexion. Lack of water in your diet will result in dry, flaky and blemished shin that is slow to heal. This dry skin will result in your buy lotions more and more when you could just fill up a glass of refreshing cool water. Therefore keep your skin young and strong with more water in your diet.


No matter if you are 14 and experiencing the ravages of adolescence or an adult fighting off acne, water will help to tighten, moisturize, and regulate your skin. A good washing of the face and cleaning out of the pores with water and a clean rinsing face wash will improve your complexion. Moreover, drinking 8 glasses of water a day will fight skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and off color spotting.




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