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September, 2012

  • 21 September

    Study finds link between sugary drinks and BMI

    As the nation attempts to address head on the ever expanding waist line of its population a new study finds conclusively that sugary drinks are a leading cause of obesity. The study found that cutting sugar laden drinks from ones diet could be the single biggest step one can take …

  • 20 September

    Eating yogurt may reduce blood pressure

    A new study has found that adding more yogurt to your diet may help reduce high blood pressure and help prevent hypertension. Researchers found that adults who consumed at least one serving of yogurt every three days were 31% less likely to get high blood pressure than those who did …

  • 19 September

    New study: 20 minutes of exercise can prevent diabetes in children

    According to a study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association just 20 minutes of exercise a day can significantly reduce the risk of childhood diabetes. The researchers performed a clinical trial involving 222 overweight children that were assigned to one of three activity groups over a …

August, 2012

  • 13 August

    New snack laws may be working to fight weight gain

    According to a new study restricting the types of foods available in school vending machines seems to promote weight loss in students. The study found that over the course of 3 years the students in states where unhealthy foods were restricted gained less weight than those in states without restrictions. …

  • 6 August

    New Study Suggests Violent TV Keeps Kids Awake6

    According to a new study, children who watch violent or age inappropriate TV and computer games are far more likely to suffer sleep disturbances than children who don’t watch such material. The study found that children who were not exposed to violent TV within an hour before bedtime were 64% …

July, 2012

  • 27 July

    Women with Diabetes Suffer Less Sexual Satisfaction

    New research finds that while women with diabetes have sex just as often as those that don’t have the disease they do not get as much enjoyment from it. According to a report published by the University of California San Francisco on the Obstetrics and Gynecology website, women with diabetes …

  • 20 July

    New Study: Inactivity as Fatal as Smoking

    A new study suggests that inactivity is now responsible for as many fatalities as smoking. According to the report published in the Lancet lack of exercise is killing approximately 5.3 million deaths a year and nearly 1/3 of adults are not getting an adequate amount of activity. The researchers feel that these …

  • 12 July

    Is Alcohol the New Milk for Bone Health?

    A new study finds that moderate alcohol consumption may actually improve bone density. In the past doctors have found a link between moderate drinking and bone strength but had been unable to establish any cause and effect between the two. New studies involving animals however have been designed to do …