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Fruits and Veggies in Happy Meals?

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FRUIT VEGGIE SALADIt seems that two major fast-food chains are jumping on the get healthy bandwagon. Burger King recently unveiled new, low fat “Satisfries” and McDonald’s is offering more fruits in their Happy Meals. This news came as a result of the recent Clinton Global Initiative meeting that took place in New York City.

To praises from Dr. Katz of the Yale Prevention Research Center, and Bill Clinton, McDonald’s announced its pledge to offer more fruit and vegetable options to its patrons, and to market them in a positive way to children. These new healthier offerings include sliced melon and kiwi on a stick to replace French fries in Happy Meals. The fast-food mogul also vowed to promote water, milk and juice as beverage choices for kids instead of sugary sodas.

This is good news for America in combating our obesity issues that start in childhood. Good eating habits also begin in childhood. Hopefully, other fast-food chains will join in this positive effort, as well.

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