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Never Too Late to Start Exercising

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2012.11.26 FBC Sanford Exercise ClassA recent study in London indicated that regular physical activity helps people age in a healthier way. This is true for people who exercise steadily as well as those who didn’t develop a healthy exercise program until much later in life. The researchers examined 3,454 seniors over an eight-year period and found that those seniors who were already exercising at least once a week continued to have a healthy aging experience.

Even more surprising, seniors who were formerly inactive, but began an exercise program also experienced signs of healthy aging during the eight-year study. For both groups, these healthy benefits of physical activity included an absence of developing any major diseases, no depression, and no forms of physical or mental deterioration.

This study just goes to show you that it’s never to late to learn or do something new. With an increasing aging population in our world today, undoubtedly, the positive benefits of exercise will keep us healthy for years to come.

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