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Can Exercise Help Heart Failure Patients?

ALC Health Expo 5K RunIs it possible that high-intensity exercise is actually more beneficial to patients with heart failure than lower-intensity workouts? Recent research is indicating that people who experienced heart failure and then took place in a high-intensity workout program had a 23 percent improvement in heart function. Their counterparts in a low-intensity program only improved by seven percent.

Heart failure is a condition that occurs when a person’s heart is not able to pump enough blood to the rest of the body. More intense exercise training and rehabilitation seems to be helping these patients have increased oxygen consumption. This means the individuals have more energy and experienced less fatigue in their daily lives. For some, intense exercise after heart failure means taking a brisk walk.

Throughout the years, it seems that exercise always finds its way to the top of the health benefits ladder. Many people in our society, with or without heart disease, fail to realize and take advantage of all the healthy perks of a regular exercise program.

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