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New Adidas Fitness Watch Unveiled

Amity Hall running in the Inaugural Morro Bay Triathlon 06 June 2010, swim, bike, beach run.Imagine if you could wear a “smart” watch on your wrist that not only told time, but could also play music, use GPS to map your location, monitor your heart rate and act as your personal fitness coach. The new miCoach Smart Run by Adidas can do all of that, and it will be available in November for $399.

An Android operating system powers the Smart Run watch and it will count your steps as you walk or run, plus calculate your speed and distance. It has 4GB of storage as well, with more than half of that dedicated to storing your favorite tunes. The watch is made of stainless steel and has a full-color, 1.45 inch touch screen. The miCoach system offers vibrating alerts during your workout and coaching tips you can hear through your Bluetooth headset.

Any time you are beginning a new fitness routine, or kicking it up a notch, it’s fun to have a new electronic device that helps you achieve your goals. The price seems affordable for this new system, which will probably make it a popular Christmas gift this year.

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