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Mothers on Drugs: Infant Death due to Drug Laced Breast-Milk

8/365: I Have A Drug ProblemAn eight month old in California died of a drug overdose after being exposed to high levels of methadone, Opana and Xanax in September 2012. The baby had previously been treated for being lethargic at a local area hospital, but it took a CPS manager three months to approve a safety plan to help prevent future incidents.

Due to her usage of methadone, the baby’s mother was warned by a judge to stop breastfeeding her infant. Unfortunately, she did not heed this warning, and this led to the baby’s death. His mother has now been charged with felony child endangerment and second-degree murder for blatantly disregarding this warning.

Although the mother in this case clearly was not taking proper care of her child, it is also important to note that CPS could have taken steps to prevent this tragedy. Hopefully this issue will cause CPS to reevaluate their policies to help prevent another child from going through a similar situation in the future.

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