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Technology Has Advanced to Breastfeeding

AlmuerzoNew nursing mothers are typically concerned about the amount of breast milk they are producing and how much their infant is drinking. In order to put these concerns to rest, a start-up company out of Israeli has created a product entitled MilkSense. By using MilkSense, the mother will be able to measure exactly how much milk is in each of her breasts, and she will also be able to easily determine how much her baby is consuming.

MilkSense is placed on each breast for only 10 seconds to get a reading, and it does not need to ever touch the baby. The product uses electromagnetic signals to measure the amount of milk that is being stored, and this will make it easy to calculate your child’s daily intake. This product is certain to be a hit with new mothers, and it could also provide answers for women who simply want to further understand the entire process of breastfeeding.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/daquellamanera/2880409244/

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