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New drugs investigated in meningitis outbreak

15 people are dead and investigators are now looking into two more drugs manufactured by the New England Compounding Center according to FDA officials. The company’s steroid injections have already been linked to most of the fatalities but investigations have been launched into a death that may have been caused by an epidural injection of triamcinolone and two more cases of meningitis linked to cardioplegic solution given to transplant patients. The latest cases bring the total of fungal meningitis infections up to 214. The FDA released a statement today saying that “the sterility of any injectable drugs……and cardioplegic solutions produced by NECC are of significant concern.” All of the illnesses have been linked to fungal contamination. The mold Exerohilum rostratum has been identified in 3 batches of preservative free methylprednisolone. Officials believe that 17,000 doses of the contaminated medicine were shipped to doctor’s offices and clinics around the country.

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