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Steroid related meningitis scare spreads to 23 states

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Health officials all over the country today are scrambling to warn doctors and patients about a contaminated batch of steroid injections that has already claimed 5 lives. The routine steroid injections have become contaminated with a type of leaf mold fungus that causes a rare form of meningitis. Officials realized only yesterday that at least hundreds if not thousands of patients who went for injections between July and September could be infected and fear that the shots have made their way to clinics in 23 states. The FDA has urges all doctors to check the source of their steroid shots and to discard any that came from the Massachusetts pharmacy where the contamination occurred  Since the outbreak was discovered at least 35 people have become ill and 5 have died, many of them in Tennessee where a majority of the medication was shipped. Meningitis can cause dizziness, nausea and difficulty walking and while many recover, even with treatment it can be a potentially fatal disease.

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