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West Nile Threat Causes State of Emergency in Dallas

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In light of what is being called the worst outbreak of West Nile virus in years, the city of Dallas, Texas has declared a state of emergency after the virus caused 200 to become ill and claimed 10 lives. Already this year West Nile virus has caused over 700 people around the country to become ill and 25% of all incidents have been confirmed within Dallas County. For the first time since 1966 the mayor of Dallas has approved the use of aerial spraying to stop mosquitoes from further spreading the virus. The mayor issued a statement today supporting the controversial use of aerial sprays “I want to take politics out of it, I want to say that this is my responsibility, I will take the heat for it.” While some are concerned about the safety of the spray pesticides officials continue to insist that the rewards outweigh the risks and the sprays are necessary if this outbreak is to be controlled.

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